(FanAccounts) JYJ at Fansign Event

These fanaccounts are mostly about Jaejoong:

FA1: There was a fanboy of Jeje at the fansign event. Jeje gave the fanboy a hug. hehehe, Jeje’s so sweet and nice.

FA2: A few of Junsu-biased fans broke down and cried so hard when they found out Junsu didn’t come to the fansign yesterday. Awww :( (Junsu was busy with Tears of heaven activities)

FA3: There was another fanboy of Jeje at the fan sign event yesterday. =D

This fan described himself as short, skinny, and pretty-looking, like a girl. He went to the fan sign and kept trying over and over to let Jeje know he’s a fanBOY but to no avail.

He kept calling Jeje hyung (older brother) hoping Jeje would realize he’s a male fan, but Jeje didn’t notice and kept saying “ah, yes”. It seems like Jeje thought he was a girl, the fan explains.

The fan says Jeje is very pale and so beautiful it’s almost like he sucks the energy out of you. So his hands and legs were shaking badly. He also says Jeje looks like a Siamese cat.

So there was no hug for this fanboy. But he swore to be a ppah doh ree and a slave of Jeje from yesterday and on.

Source:  DC Inside TVXQ Gallery + Daum Telzone JYJ Gallery

FA4:  The random coversation between JaeJoong and Me today

JJ: What’s your name?
Me: It’s ChaeDam
JJ: ChaeDam
Me: Can you please write “dear” in front of it? You don’t have to.. hehe
JJ: Oh, it’s okay
Me: Why, thank you
JJ: Thank you
Me: Oppa, do you like me or Jiji better?
Me: Ok… I see… T_T

source: here

FA5: There was a little girl (about 10 years old) at the fan sign event. JaeJoong said to her, “나중에 크면 오빠한테 시집와, 알았지?” which means “Marry me when you grow up, OK?” T.T

Source: wjscoeka on naver.com + @ceskjj


JJ: Why is your eyes so swollen?
Fan: ?!?!?!?!
JJ: How long did you went to have surgery on your eyes (for double eye-lid)
Fan: 2~3 weeks.
JJ: Oh, still far away.

And then he shouted to everyone at the venue “She went to have an eye operation”

Source: Via @0101jyjtic + TVXQBaidu

FA7: Jaechun

JaeJoong: Hello everyone, I am JYJ’s J.

Yoochun: I am Y.

Fans: Where is Junsu?? Junsu Junsu~

Jaejoong: There is still another J who is having a full rehearsal for his upcoming musical this weekend, so he couldn’t come.

Yoochun: Because he cannot miss the full rehearsal, so he is working hard on it. Though we told him he cannot be like this, but there isn’t any choice
(T/N: Not sure if he is trying to say that he cannot miss this fansign or not practicing hard enough for the musical.)

Jaejoong imitated Junsu by saying “I am happy upon seeing everyone!”

Source: Via @NoNoPark + TVXQBaidu

FA8: Jaejoong mentioned today at the fansign he might starring as a bad guy in his new drama ^^

Credit Trans: @Spring_Breezes FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA5 + @_JJM FA6, FA7 + @JYJshowcaseinSG FA8

And Yoochun

FA1: This fan is so horrible. She was standing 2m from YC and was starring at him for one whole hour. Not only that, but in the already limited frame time of the event, she took too long to ask her question. Please go straight to your point!
XDDDD, poor her and the others. If I was in her shoes, I’d have been like her. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stare at him????


Fan: How is your cold?
YC: So you all know that I went to the hospital. I’m alright ^^
So YC did went to hospital because of his cold TT TT… At least he’s alright now TT TT

FA3: There was a fan who wrote on her sticker: “To xx, I love you! Let’s get married!”. YC laughingly took it off and asked her: “What’s your name?”. She said: “AB, AB. (Sorry I don’t know how to translate her name ^^). I’m the one who sent you a Broccoli You Too song on Cyworld.” YC was really surprised: “Really?” Then he said he has been listening to it and thanked her. Then they shook hand.
OMG, lucky fan TT TT


Fan: Oppa, are you alright?
YC: How come everyone knows that I went to the hospital?
Fan: Of course we know, you’re a top star oppa.
YC: I’m much better now…

FA5: There was a noona fan, she said the YC is very beautifull, his skin is so white. When it was her turn, she said to YC: “Please add “noona” next to my name”. YC then asked her: “May I asked how old are you?”. Fan: “I’m xx”. YC: “You’re born YY?” (a zodiac ^^). Fan: “Yes”. She said to herself: How can he know I’m born YY? Kkk… He’s too cute…

FA6: Today YC is my teacher…
Me: Oppa, please eat more, you’re too thin.
YC: Huh? (I used the past tense) Did I eat?
Me: No no that’s not it. Please eat more. (still wrong TT TT)
YC: Still not correct.
Me: Please eat more
YC: That phrase is correct. You have to use the imperative sentense.
Then because I was wearing my too big gloves when shaking hands with him, he laughed at me.
Haha, OMG, this fan is too cute. She might be just a little girl, so adorable…

FA7: Yoochun whining like a kid

I have participated several fansign events. Each time have to write Chinese name, Yoochun oppa always makes nasal sounds, like a spoiled kid throwing tantrum. Then with each stoke, he would ask “Is this right? Is this right?…” Then I would definitely kindly answer: ” Yes it is”. I said “kindly” because he wrote it wrong =.= However he wrote it beautifully so all good. Today I couldn’t help myself so I asked him “Is Chinese really hard?” Yoochun oppa then made a face “To me, it is… T___T”

Source: CongKR + MickyBaidu

FA8: This just in – There was an announcement that JYJ will omit “To *fan’s name* ” in the autograph to save time. But Yuchun said something along the line of “How can I skip our fans’ names?” and continued to add “To —-” to each autograph. ^____^

credit: @JPhylls (FA1-FA7) + @Spring_Breezes FA8

Thanks to Van Pham^^

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